Try Out PrimeExam

From this page, you can download a free copy of the PrimeExam software for tryout. The tryout version of the program is fully functional, although it limits the size of question banks and puts a message on each exam page that you print. When you purchase PrimeExam, you receive a software key that removes these limitations; just visit our purchase page to obtain one. No further downloads are required.

To get your free tryout copy of PrimeExam, just check your system requirements, download the software, install it, and run the application. These steps are explained in detail below.

1. Download

The PrimeExam download size is about 2 megabytes, which will take less than half a minute to download on a typical DSL (high speed) connection or up to 6 minutes on a slow dial-up line.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to start your download.

For Internet Explorer, you can press the "Open" button on the download dialog to start the installation right away. Or, if you wish, "Save" the file to your desktop or in the folder of your choice.

2. Install

If you used the browser's "open" button when downloading in step 1, the installer will start immediately. Otherwise, double click on the file you downloaded and the installer will run.

Note: On Windows XP, you need a user account with local administrator privileges to install PrimeExam.

The installation wizard will appear, and guide you through the standard software install process.

PrimeExam requires that you have:

3. Run

When running PrimeExam, remember that:

4. Upgrade

You can purchase the full version of PrimeExam from this website. Click here or on the purchase item in the navigation bar on the left of this page.


** Click here to download PrimeExam **